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Thanks for checking out our blog!  We hope you will enjoy looking at our photos and posts and seeing us live our passion will inspire you to follow yours.

We are Chris and Kerri, New Jersey natives who have traipsed around the world together for the past nine years. In 2012 we got married and took a two-week honeymoon to exotic Bali where we fell in love with the food, friendly people, and culture.  We joked then that we probably wouldn’t spend that much time together again until we retire.  Fast forward three years and we were quitting our jobs to travel the world together!

We dreamed of doing an around the world trip for quite some time but two rational and responsible people like us needed time to convince ourselves that we could do this.  We immersed ourselves in travel blogs from other couples just like us. We read how we could fly for free by travel hacking and stay for free by WOOFing, Couchsurfing and housesitting.  As our savings and points and miles accounts grew our dream of traveling long term was becoming more attainable.  When 2015 came around we knew we were ready and if we were going to do it, this was the year!


About KerriKerri Grand Canyon Jump

I’m Kerri, formerly a Technology Finance FP&A Manager who worked in Times Square NYC with a mega Media and Entertainment company. Prior to that, I was in a similar role with two of the Big Four accounting firms.  Deciding to take a career break was without a doubt the most outlandish thing I have done with my otherwise sensible and responsible existence and I believe it will also be the most rewarding.

My favorite hobbies are travel planning and, more recently, travel hacking which is earning points and miles to travel for FREE. I will be the chief architect of our journey, planning the ways and means our bucket list will become a reality.

I am most excited to travel to Kenya and Thailand which will be unforgettable experiences.  Along the way, I look forward to reading many books, meeting interesting locals and like-minded travelers, and sipping wine and tea around the world. We will have many pinch me moments along the way and I look forward to sharing them with Chris.


About Chris

I’m Chris, Alaska Cruise 2013 463formerly a Manager at a technology company. Before I got my “grown up office job,” I worked in the exciting world of Powersports.

I fancy myself a distinguished gentleman who enjoys a nice beer or some wine while raging away at my awful fantasy sports team. Pair that with some extra sharp white cheddar and that is what I call a stellar evening fit for a Baron. Some of my dreams in life include owning a 1970 Chevelle SS, a compound outfitted with half a dozen log cabins and a fully outfitted penguin habitat.

So this is where I talk about why I am taking part in this ridiculous journey with Kerri. Our honeymoon to Bali forever changed my life and my view of the world. We had been to other places that were spectacular in their own right but when we were in this tropical paradise surrounded by some of the nicest people you could ever meet and enjoying some of the most delicious food on the planet, life stopped. Oh and I almost forgot about Bintang…

This trip will bring out the best in us. I hope that as we continue to visit new and exciting places we find the inspiration to continue this as long as we can so that we can share it with you along the way.


About Beaks (The Penguin)
Beaks Profile1

I’m Beaks, the field reporter for Passport Penguin.  It’s my job to look for the coolest places on the planet and share them on Instagram.  Follow me @PassportPenguin.   My humans promised me that I will get to fly and I can’t wait to see what that is like, I hope it’s as fun as bellysliding.  I’ll be looking to meet some other penguins along the way and give them a high flipper.   Maybe I’ll even meet some humans who can go fishing with me.










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  1. Kenneth Doss

    Good luck my brother. May the wind always be at your back. Be safe. Stay in touch.

  2. Hi Christopher and Kerri,,,,it’s Gabe, your mom’s friend from Florida. She told me about your adventures around the world and said I could check it out on your blog. Well, from what I’m reading it seems that you two are getting the education of a lifetime traveling to these different parts. I’ll keep checking back in to see where you’ll be next. Take care and be safe! Ciao!

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