A Visit to Gardens by the Bay

A Visit to Gardens by the Bay

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As a girl who hails from the Garden State, I can attest that New Jersey ain’t got nothin’ on Singapore when it comes to gardening.   In fact, no other city we’ve visited can compete with the bounty of flowers and green spaces that give Singapore the nickname, City in a Garden.

Gardens by the Bay was our favorite green space in Singapore and one of top tourist attractions. Two massive greenhouses and towering Supertrees gave a facelift to the cityscape when they were completed in 2012.

The Flower Dome sets a Guinness World Record for largest glass greenhouse in the world. At the time of our visit, the Tulipmania display was being featured alongside a jaw-dropping full-time display of flowers, trees, and plants from Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions around the world.


1 Flower Dome


Next to the Flower Dome is the Cloud Forest where the world’s tallest indoor waterfall spills from an 110-foot mountain. As we circled the six-story path around the mountain we took in the lush vegetation and even saw some crystal formations.  We also watched some short videos about climate change and the environmentally friendly features of the complex.


2 Cloud Forest Waterfall


3 Cloud Forest Mtn


Standard adult admission price for the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest was $28 and well worth the price of admission.

For starters, every visitor will appreciate the air-conditioned refuge from the high humidity in Singapore!   The complex also has great views of Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore flyer.


4 Marina Bay Sands


5 Singapore Flyer


Inside you can see some beautiful wood sculptures.


6 Flower Dome Dragon


7 Flower Dome Monkeys


Flying Bird Sculpture


And trees that you’ve never seen before.


8 Flower Dome Tree 1


9 Flower Dome Tree 2


10 Flower Dome Tree 3


Oh, and flowers.


11 Flower Dome Flowers 1


12 Flower Dome Flowers 2


13 Flower Dome Flowers 3


Flower Dome Flowers 5


Lots of flowers.


14 Flower Dome Flowers 4


Outside in the Supertree Grove, your neck will be sore from looking up at these twinkling wonders.  If you visit at night, the perfect way to end your visit is by watching the Supertrees light up in sync with the music.  This show and a visit to the Supertree Grove are free and open to the public so come back again, as much as you wish.


15 Supertrees






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