I Like Turtles

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A short walk down from our hotel in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka there was a spot where you could go and see sea turtles right on the beach and in the shallow waters. There was around 4-5 that you could see daily and feed them seaweed (with the help of a local for 100 rupees or ~ $0.70 USD…if you need it) and watch them swim around. The local beach bars and hotels would loan out snorkels so you could swim and watch them under water if you like.






-That’s my seaweed…don’t even think about it human.-


This was way more entertaining than whale watching and free. There are a couple species of turtles that visit the coral reefs in the area we stayed. The ones that we saw were green sea turtles I think…obviously because they are green, swim and enjoy seaweed……..AND pizza.



-I asked for double pepperoni.  You will pay for this human.-


I wanted to see if Splinter was around but I think we left him back up the coast in our beach hut in Tangalle.








-No more pizza?  I’m outta here.-



-Nap time!-


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  1. Chris !!!!! How are you??? Happy New Year !!! I just saw your PassportPenguin card in my drawer and said LET ME CHECK. Nice photos. I had to reply to this one because I LOVE TURTLES and I’m so jealous of what you got to do here. Enjoy and stay safe. Nick

    • Passport Penguin

      Nick! How are you buddy?

      Thanks for checking it out. Turtles are the best. Go to the Photos tab up top in the menu bar and you can see some of the other photos we have taken along the journey.

      Happy New Year to you and the family. Hope all is well!


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